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Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

With the assistance of Mike Amesbury (Labour MP for Weaver Vale), PIIstor.com was able to secure UK Government HM Revenue & Customs Seed Enterprise Investment - Advanced Assurance Scheme confirmation that ordinary shares could be issued to the expected value of...

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Cryptocurrency Trademarks

PIIstor.com registers two UK Government Trademarks destined for cryptocurrency names It has always been PIIstor.com intention to reward people when their PII is used Given all the hype around cryptocurrency one thing is certain, cryptocurrency will have a role in the...

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ICO Registration

PIIstor.com first registered with the UK Government Information Commissioners Office on the 9th Dec 2017. For most companies this would seem just part of the best practice they apply to safeguarding the PII they use. To PIIstor registering with the ICO represents the...

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Patent Logged

PIIstor.com logged a GB patent in October 2017. Unfortunately the PIIstor.com patent was terminated before grant, and has since lapsed. Undeterred, the PIIstor patent will be reviewed, revamped and reapplied in 2023. This time we intend to include the many...

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PIIstor Created

PIIstor.com was incorporated on the 19th July 2017. The reason why PIIstor.com was formed is to give the people back the power of the personal identifiable information (PII) Your name, your telephone number, your image, your national insurance number, anything that...

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PIIstor Trademarks

PIIstor.com 'PIIsms' is the security framework PIIstor uses to secure peoples PII. PIIsms represents a new standard in PII security. Several trademarks were registered with the UK Government Intellectual Property Office specifically related to PIIsms, on the 3rd Jun...

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